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Bev and Bob Meaux

In the case of the Bev & Bob Homes, LLC team, the grass is greener on the other side: their side. With tons of recommendations and referrals coming their way on a regular basis they must be doing something right.


"This was my 5th relocation and home purchase, and it was by far the best real estate agent experience I've ever had. I have already referred several co-workers to her who are also relocating,” said Mr. Williams.


A home buyer and a home seller clearly knows when he is having a horrible real estate experience, but does not always recognize when he is having just an okay one until – by chance – he runs into a better one. It becomes one of those situations when you don’t know what you don’t know.


“Bev and Bob are just phenomenal. They are by far the best realtors out there. They are very ethical and very professional. We sold our house in no time,” said Mr. Lozada. “They take time talking with us, explaining the whole process and answering all the questions we had in our minds. We are very satisfied with their services from start to finish. We closed the house about two weeks ago but until now I’m still talking to friends about how good they are.”


Partnered with the Keller Williams Suburban Realty agency for optimal performance, Bev & Bob Homes, LLC bring their clients into an entirely different real estate experience: a high tech, higher touch stroll of selling and buying that is pretty hard to beat. The calming effect: priceless. Robert T. Meaux, Jr. and Beverly R. Meaux, founders and owners of Bev & Bob Homes, LLC have different personalities with the same backbone qualities: ethical, moral, professional, tenacious, analytical -- a smiling bull dog.


They blanket their clients in protection and care. Bob and Bev aren’t flashy presenters trying to wow you with their brand: they want to create YOUR image or brand if you’re selling and be a part of YOUR team. They seek first to understand what is needed and why you need to move, and then strive to guide you at your pace to get you to the next phase of your life. They know how it feels to sell and buy a home. They have been renters, home sellers and home buyers for their own home needs a few times, have been landlords, and have helped elderly family move.


“[Bob & Bev] are on top of all matters regarding us selling the house. When we met the first time with the possibility of retaining Bev and Bob as our agent, there is no pressure to sign with them. They were very friendly and you just sense they are your partners in achieving your goal in selling the house at a fair value. Bev and Bob outlined and presented marketing and pricing strategies,” noted Mr. Choy. “Within one day after the open house, we had an offer, and within three days after the open house, we had two more offers. Anyone seeking a real estate agent for selling or buying their house, I would not hesitate to recommend Bev. We are very lucky.”


With a decade of experience already behind Bev & Bob Homes, LLC the innocent mistakes and lack of negotiating ability are dodged. After so many deals and pieces written, Robert and Beverly are seen as subject matter experts (SME) and have earned the quiet respect from their colleagues that they are true, professional Realtors, which is critical when negotiating a deal in this marketplace.


When most area real estate agents only have 3-12 online reviews, they have more than 65 and counting. Read their online reviews and recommendations from clients and colleagues on Zillow, Trulia, Angie’s List, Keller Williams Realty  -- and even see some on YouTube -- to delve into their business process of winning the best deal for their clients.



Bob and Bev Meaux are a teriffic team. They are savvy realtors that get the job done, and really care about their clients. They stay on top of all of the latest technology, and that enables them to serve their clients before, during and after the transaction by keeping them in the loop. They have years of experience and know how to navigate in all types of situations. You can be confident when you choose Bev and Bob to represent you in any real estate transaction
The Picardi Wolfson Team, Colleague — March 12, 2014
Bob and Bev Meaux are two of the most professional and successful real estate agents I know. They know everything about the housing market in New Jersey. They are always there for you whenever you need them. You'll find no one better equipped to help you buy or sell your home than Bob and Bev Meaux.
Shelley E., Friend — February 4, 2014
It has been a pleasure to work with the Bev and Bob team in the same office. As colleges I see the professional attitude they have with every client and transaction as well as agents. As a trainer in the office, Bev has shared tools with me and the office, helping all of us become better agents.
Susan Powell, Colleague — February 4, 2014
Beverly is a wonderful, caring, humble and reserved women. I came to know Bev through our Dance Ministry through church. She has a funny and silly side to her that keeps you laughing. When she speaks you pay attention to what she say's, because it is important. One thing I noticed when I met Bev, is, when she is passionate about something especially her job, you can tell through her body language and the excitement it brings to her life. If I was looking for a house and needed a Realtor, I would choose Bev. without a doubt. She should make house hunting fun and stressless. If there is anything else i can do please let me know.
J. Burns, Friend — February 4, 2014
Bev has been a great teacher, leader and very knowledgable about many topics in Real Estate. I would buy a house from her any day!
Rachel Mcgowan, Colleague — February 4, 2014
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High Tech. Higher Touch.

Robert  and Beverly have taken various industry courses dealing with technology, staging, greening the environment, and helping clients. Beverly also received her Broker-Salesperson license a few years ago. However, their most powerful awards are the constant referrals received from client friends old and new. They know sellers and buyers do not care about how many acronyms are behind their name denoting certifications but they do care if others who have used their services think highly of them.